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2013: A Retrospective

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What a year.

I’ve never expe­ri­enced a year which was as busy and chaotic like 2013. It’s hard to keep track of every­thing what went on this year but I tried to include as many impor­tant things as possible.


Berlintrip PX1

Very early this year I became (sort of) a beta tester for the new Mac Mini in terms of pro­fes­sional Post­pro­duc­tion Work­flow at PX5. That led me to a three day work­trip to Berlin and the PX1 Crew. It was nice meet­ing the peo­ple you usu­ally only talk to on the phone and also very infor­ma­tive since I talked a lot with the CG Dudes over there.

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The Flood

Hochwasser 01

Liv­ing in Bavaria is usu­ally a good thing but June this year brought the flood over us. I wont write too much on this one, cuz it’s been all over the news and every big 2013 review will cover this one. I live very close to the INN and can almost watch it out­side my win­dow so it did affect me a bit, mostly flooded streets and stuff but noth­ing really dan­ger­ous though. Atleast it brought me some extra days off work.

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review 2013 taufe

I jumped in for Xomi doing a lit­tle Bap­tism for Jenny and Lukas son Philipp. Usu­ally I’m not really into doing Bap­tisms or Wed­ding Pho­tog­ra­phy but I was glad that I could help out and as I said ear­lier this year — I wish Philipp and his fam­ily the very best.

AUDI Motor­sports CI

review 2013 R18

review 2013 AudiAutogramme

This was by far the biggest, most frus­trat­ing but also most fun job. Most frus­trat­ing and most fun at the same time? How is that even pos­si­ble? Well, in terms of frus­trat­ing it was a very big job with short dead­lines, many changes, work that was done and never pub­lished plus I was almost the only per­son work­ing on this. Look­ing back I really enjoyed that kind of stuff — after hun­dreds and hun­dreds of fash­ion pic­tures it was refresh­ing to do some car work and I would love to do more of it in the future.



Even though I really enjoyed work­ing in the post­pro­duc­tion depart­ment I felt like I needed to change some­thing. Every­thing became exhaust­ing and bor­ing, the jobs felt like doing the same over and over again and I felt how it killed my cre­ativ­ity. After start­ing with an intern­ship and becom­ing a full mem­ber of PX5 and 2 fun years I quit my job. It wasn’t easy to do so but it needed to be done. After that 2013 really went mad.

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venice 10

After quit­ting I took some time off and made a road­trip to italy with my bud­dies Tobi and Fabio. It was nice to take some time off and I started to recover my cre­ative mojo.

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Sound of Speed

SoundOfSpeed 03

Shortly after I came back from Italy I took another trip to Salzburg and visit the Sound of Speed. In the last few years I’ve vis­ited the event count­less times and its usu­ally pretty good.

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Secret Book Project

Yeah I can’t write too much about that yet but I’m involved in some (non work/​photoshop/​photography related) book projects. Some of them are just design­stuff where I’m involved in cre­at­ing cov­ers and the look and feel of the book and one of them has my “writ­ing debut”. More about that in the future.

Short­film The Call

review 2013 thecall

call dvd 1

If you visit this Blog from time to time you prob­a­bly know about this. Even though it didn’t turn out per­fect I’m still very proud of my first “movie” cuz I put so much heart in this project and it was a hell of an expe­ri­ence. I’m already plan­ning my next movie projects — stay tuned.

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Well there’s more design related stuff like doing busi­ness cards and logos but I might write another entry espe­cially about this in the future.

The End

You see — 2013 was some­thing to remem­ber, there were some ups and many downs in my pri­vate life and I’m really glad it’s over — next year will be better.

2014 — What now?

review 2013 theend

After tak­ing some time off, writ­ing for a book, mak­ing a short film I decided it’s time to get back in the sad­dle again and I’m look­ing for a new job in munich as we speak. We’ll see how this goes.

I wish every­one a happy new year and all the best for 2014!

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