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The Call DVDs

call dvdintro

It’s here!

Even though the movie isn’t really long and the Bonus Stuff doesn’t take up that much space on a DVD I couldn’t help myself but to make a full DVD Ver­sion out of it. It has every­thing Its not really ground­break­ing but it has almost every­thing I’d love to see in a real release, it even has a full ani­mated DVD menu which really pissed me off. Fuck­ing Encore. Sure, there is no real book­let just a pic­ture Inlay but I might change that with my next movie (if there will be one). There’s only one thing that both­ers me, it seems like there was another pdf con­ver­tion, done by the print ser­vice, which caused an error in the dolby dig­i­tal logo and results in an empty space. It could’ve been eas­ily avoided but I’m not really that mad about it.


I can’t sell these DVDs cuz I only own a cre­ative license on the Sound­track and Ger­manys good old buddy GEMA would bite my ass off. How­ever, there are still some DVDs left — just use the con­tact form or hit me on twit­ter if you are inter­ested in one, we might fig­ure some­thing out.


That’s it for now. Merry Christ­mas to every­one, enjoy your days off.

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