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Pre­sent­ing: “The Call”

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Raphael Lech­ner presents his first short film named “The Call”. The movie is based on the Indie Game of the Year 2012 “Hot­line Miami” and fea­tures many key ele­ments of the game and the offi­cial soundtrack.


If you want to sur­vive you have to work, it’s as sim­ple as that. Not everybody’s work­ing in the same busi­ness though. There is a whole indus­try nobody wants to talk about, an indus­try that kills for a liv­ing. No names, no faces, just a sim­ple call and an adress. This night we are fol­low­ing a name­less Killer through his bloody work rou­tine, but tonight some­thing unfore­seen happens.

The Inten­tion

This movie isn’t about glo­ri­fy­ing vio­lence, it isn’t all about the style. It is far more than that. The com­plete con­cept is about the absur­dity of vio­lence. It is ridicu­lous to kill peo­ple for a liv­ing and have a nor­mal social life after all.

I also wanted to make sure that the audi­ence makes their own thoughts about it. As far as the viewer knows the name­less Killer does what he does and goes to a shop­ping mall after. Does he enjoy killing it? Is drink­ing a beer his cel­e­bra­tion after a “hard day of work”? Is it mak­ing him sick? Maybe he can’t han­dle his job any­more and needs to get drunk all the time. What about those other masked guys? Are they going to kill him? Did he became the tar­get now? Or are they just his bud­dies com­ing over for a drink? Every­body needs to answer these ques­tions for them­selves. I won’t pro­vide an answer to that.

The Chal­lange

With “The Call” being my first movie I decided to chal­lenge myself in many aspects. Even high qual­ity Cam­eras are hav­ing trou­ble with low­light noise when film­ing in the dark and the Cam­era I used was a Nikon D7000, which isn’t really known for great video or low­light per­for­mance. But it was every­thing we had and I sure didn’t feel like buy or rent a new one.

In terms of edit­ing I had to deal with over­all bad image qual­ity due to the noise. The few indoor shots weren’t easy either, since I shot some scenes in a guerilla war­fare style with­out a rig and know­ing the light source per­fectly. Yes it’s true, some scenes aren’t lit per­fectly but we put much effort and heart into it.

Another big prob­lem was the weather. We pulled this movie off in a few nights but there were many days and even weeks of bad weather con­di­tions which didn’t allow us to con­tinue film­ing. We had to make a choice, wait even longer for the final scenes or change every­thing to avoid the snowy mess called win­ter. It wasn’t a hard choice and made me adjust the story on the fly and shorten every­thing. The first script was around 5 to 7 min­utes and included scenes which were already shot the first night but removed in the edit­ing because of other scenes that couldn’t been filmed.

The Miss­ing Pieces

My first inten­tion was to use the filmed scenes as Trail­ers to give you guys a wrong clue about the main story and the per­son in it, but since every­thing went dif­fer­ent than expected I decided to mix things up and release it all together. There are things Bun­ny­mask did before he met our name­less killer.

Final Words

I know it isn’t flawe­less expec­ta­tions might have been a big high but as a first timer I did a good job with it and since I had so much fun I’m already plan­ning my next movie ;-)

Thx to:
Daniel Neu­mayr — The name­less Killer
Michael Reile — Bun­ny­mask /​Wolf­mask
Saskia Mueller — Kate VoiceOver
Spe­cial Tx to Niko The­ato
Tobias Renz, Fabio Arnold, Ulrike Hartl and every­body else for their support.

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